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MX-70 Hydrocarbon Convertor

MX-70 Hydrocarbon Convertor is a complex blend of mineral silicates designed to neutralise oils and other hydrocarbons for safe disposal. MX-70 Hydrocarbon Convertor, encapsulates the hydrocarbon chains in a silica matrix resulting in harmless reaction products such as organo silicates.


  • Soil remediation
  • Oil/Hydrocarbon spills
  • Acid spills
  • Heavy metal encapsulation
  • Cleaning of storage tanks & equipment
  • Cleaning of marine vessels at sea
  • Cleaning of intertidal zones
  • Cleaning of railway lines
  • Concrete and Tar surfaces
  • Workshops & Wash Bays


  • Use undiluted for heavy spills
  • Dilute 1:1 for medium spills or soiling
  • Dilute 1:3 for light cleaning, or for repeat cleaning


  • Water soluble
  • Non- flammable

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