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About Entexol Ltd

Entexol Ltd was established in response to a growing awareness of the environmental impact of poorly bunded facilities and the increasing need for more reliable and robust secondary containment systems. Quality in the Entexol Ltd product range relies on three primary factors; skilled personnel, effectiveness and efficiency in project management, continued maintenance, and a proven process.


The nature of Entexol business places particular emphasis on the ability to interpret our customers’ unique containment requirements, the skills and competencies in-house to translate these unique system requirements into technical design specifications and of our engineering team to fabricate and subsequently install the containment solution on site for each customer.
It is the primary aim of the Entexol management and team to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations on a continued basis, by fulfilment of individual customer requirements and delivery of containment systems to the highest quality and safety standards.


With a combined engineering experience of over 35 years, our well established business, supplier base and technical expertise has ensured our company has become a reputable supplier and market leader in the design, fabrication, sale and installation of secondary containment systems.

Entexol Ltd constantly adapts and strives to meet changing customer needs, technical designs, environmental standards and specifications, through providing;



It is our goal at Entexol to provide only a product and service of the highest standard, specific to the needs of all our customers.

Entexol Clients


Automatic Bund Dewatering System uses Bund-Sep® Oil Water Separator

The new way to discharge your
Oil Containment bund

An Automatic Bund Dewatering System with Class 1 discharge has been designed to provide a low cost drainage solution to small Substations and other sites where outdoor Oil Containment Bunds are present.A costly underground drainage system with class 1 separator is no longer required to comply with Environment Agency guidelines and Government Regulations.