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SCS001 (Sump Control System) Control Panel SCS001 (Sump Control System) Control Panel

The SUMP CONTROL SYSTEM, otherwise known as:

a. Automatic Bund Dewatering System
b. Intelligent Pump Control Unit
c. Oil Discriminating Pump Unit

-is designed to discharge rainwater from external Secondary Containment Areas (Bunds) under controlled conditions. This operation maintains the volumetric integrity of the bund and eliminates the requirement of personal attention.

The unit is fully automatic in its functional operation and will present various alarms and indications of prevailing conditions.

The robust construction and simple design help to make it reliable even under poor conditions provided it is installed correctly.


The GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) enclosure houses the main PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and associated terminals under IP66 conditions.

As a recommendation to the CE approval a Double Pole Isolator is supplied with the unit to be fitted external to the panel. This will be installed to provide both local isolation and a means to isolate the unit from the outside under unfavourable conditions.

The main PCB controls the operation of the complete system. It monitors liquid levels within the sump with input from the probe assembly. It operates the submersible pump to discharge water from the bund and maintain a continuous level within the sump.

Alarms are generated by the main PCB under defined conditions.