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Products - BUND-SEP, Certified class 1 Bund dewatering system

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Discharge direct to surface water from non class 1 certified equipment is ILLEGAL.

Oil discriminating pumps alone, cannot meet the legal requirements for discharging directly to surface water no matter what your supplier tells you. Oil discriminating pumps alone MUST be discharged into a certified full retention seperator.

 Its is up to the end user to request proof of Class 1 certification, 



Entexol offer a LOW COST DEVICE, which treats Bund Water discharge and guarantees Class 1 quality (less than 5ppm hydrocarbons in water). It has been designed for small Primary and Secondary outdoor Electrical Substations and other Oil Storage sites where no underground Sustainable Drainage System exists.
Design of outdoor Substations and Oil Storage areas is now made much simpler, negating the need for costly underground drainage systems to meet Legal Requirements.

The BUND-SEP is a Pre-Fabricated, NS1, Above Ground, Full Retention Oil/Water Separator. It is robust in design, has no moving/replacement parts and fully complies with the relevant sections of BS EN 858-1.
It has full interactivity with Entexol's Automatic Bund Dewatering System (Oil discriminating pump)

The Environment Agency’s latest PPG2 (august 2011) now advises the use of Automatic Bund Dewatering Systems in remote locations (section 10). An Automatic Bund Dewatering System (SCS001) with BUND-SEP (SCS002) will provide the correct quality of discharge to groundwater and will meet even more stringent levels sometimes imposed by Local Municipalities with further configuration of parameters.


IMPORTANT: Automatic Bund Dewatering System, Intelligent Sump Pump, Bund Water Control Unit, Oil Discriminating Pump are all similar technology and these alone DO NOT guarantee a class 1 discharge.